Here at Majestic Tree Care Ltd. we offer a range of Tree Crown Lifting and Thinning services to suit your tree maintenance needs. If you would like to find out more information or request a free quote for any of our services, call us on 01442 817732.

What is Crown lifting?

Crown Lifting is the removal of lower branches on a tree, one of the reasons Crown lifting is completed is to increase the clearance between the ground level and the lower branches. This may be needed depending on individual circumstances to allow access below the tree, to clear sight lines, improve views or allow light through the tree.

This type of tree maintenance does much less damage to a tree than reducing the canopy size and is done gradually over a period of years for the best results.

In some instances, you may be required by your Local Authority to offer an acceptable level of clearance to a specific height. This is to allow pedestrians or vehicles access to pass under the tree in public areas. We have worked with several Local Authorities and can deliver the necessary Crown Lifting service.

Damage to trees when Crown Lifting

As most tree maintenance services, if not done correctly, they can cause harm and damage to both the trees themselves or the surrounding environment. A few of the main issues that can be caused when Crown liftings are:

  • A trunk could be seriously injured if too many lower branches are removed at any one time
  • Discoloured wood
  • Possible decay may begin inside the trunk
  • Removing too many lower branches can result in sunburn on the lower trunk
  • Can result in epicormic growth which forces the tree to grow taller

To ensure your trees are lifted correctly and not damaged, contact Majestic Tree Care today

Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning is done to allow more light through to the crown without altering the overall shape and size of the tree. Select branches are removed together with any diseased wood. The tree is then pruned to reduce the crown density whilst retaining its natural shape.

A crown thin will reduce the wind resistance of the tree, improving its strength against storms and strong winds.

Advantages to Crown Thinning

  • More light can pass through the tree branches, brightening up the garden/area
  • Increased resistance against wind and bad weather conditions
  • Crown can be selectively thinned for aesthetic reasons ensuring a balanced branch structure

Why Choose Majestic Tree Services

Over the many years of caring for trees, shrubs, and hedges, for both domestic and commercial customers, Majestic Tree Care has built up an unbeatable reputation. All our Tree Surgeons are fully trained, fully qualified and have vast experience and knowledge in a variety of different pruning and felling methods:

Crown thinning
– Small branches are removed to thin the crown, reducing the weight & wind resistance of the tree
Crown lifting – Lower branches are carefully removed to increase the amount of light passing through the tree
Crown deadwooding – Branches may naturally die off but can take a while to decay, removing the branches early keeps the tree safe
Crown reductions – The height of the tree is reduced to decrease shading & loss of light, making the tree more suited to its environment
Directional felling – A wedge is removed from the bottom of the tree, bringing it down safely in one piece
Sectional dismantling – Where space is restricted, the tree is carefully dismantled and brought down piece by piece

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